Monday, May 19, 2014


This is our last unit.  You will need to be able to complete the square (see p.41 of Demana if you forget how!).  Conic Sections are covered in Ch 8 of the Demana book and Ch 6 of the Brown book.

5/20  Circles and Ellipses (see p.15 of Demana for some circle review)
         HW B p.249/9 and D p.599-600/3-36 by 3's, 46, 53 (omit eccentricity) 
5/21  Parabolas (algebra, geometric, focus-directrix)
         HW D p.587-590/3-42 by 3's, 49-55 odd, 59, 61, 74-76
5/23  Hyperbolas (algebra, geometric)
         HW D p.609-610/3-36 by 3's, 51,52,54,55,59,61

5/26  Memorial Day
5/27  Eccentricity and Focus-Directrix for all conics
         HW B p.249/1-3   and p.250-251/1-3,21,22  and  D p.600/46, 53 (find the eccentricity)
5/28  Parametric Definitions for all conics
         HW finish handout
5/30  Polar Definitions for all conics
         HW D p.626-628/3-42 by 3's, 55, 56, 58, 59

6/02  E-Block Extra Questions (3D)  MCAS (Bio) B E F D A
6/03  Rotating Conic Sections          MCAS (Bio) D A G H E
         HW finish handout, including Brown: read pp.242-244 and do p.245/18, 20, 22, 23, 24
6/04  Review (documentold answer key)  (Practice Test, Answer Key)
         HW finish handout (Extra Credit B p.250-251/21,22)
6/06  Conics Test   

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