Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Conjugate Proof Exemplars

Here is a link to the good/better/best proofs.  It is worth your while to understand what makes one proof better than another (for the good of your future proofs).

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rational Functions

We are going to do a quick unit on Rational Functions (a way of putting our polynomial studies to work).  The pacing is rather aggressive so we can finish before Thanksgiving.  Make sure you keep up with your homework.

11/12  Big Giant Algebra 2 coverage review
           HW p.225-227/15-18, 21-30 by 3's, 31-36, 39-60 by 3's, 73, 77, 78
11/13  Extra Problems Worksheet (work in pairs)
           HW finish worksheet (answer key)
11/15  Makeup rest of Polynomial Test

11/18  Harder Graphing and Solving Equalities
           HW finish handout and p.232-235/3-45 by 3's, 51, 53, 55
11/19  Solving Inequalities
           HW p.242-243/5-50 by 5's, 57-59
11/20  One Giant Problem (Problem and answer key)
11/21  Professional Developement Day - no school
11/22  Partial Fraction Decomposition
           HW p.562-564/5-25 odd (not 11), 33-45 odd, 49-52, 55, 56

11/25  Review (Practice Test and Answer Key)
           HW finish handout (includes p.247,249/67-81 odd, 91, 92, 94, 95
11/26  Rational Function Half-Test
11/27  Half-Day A C F H
11/28  Thanksgiving