Friday, September 27, 2013


This is section 1.6 in the text but we will spend a week on it because the topic is so important for everything else we do.  

09/30  Review Basic 6 Transformations, plus more!
               HW finish Day 1 handout plus p.136-138/3-24 by 3's, 25-29, 31   
10/01  More Graphical Transformations (incl. domain & range, inverse, absolute value)
                HW finish Day 2 handout
10/02  Describing Transformation with Coordinates
               HW finish Day 3 handout
10/04  Reciprocal and Involution
               HW finish Day 4 handout
10/07  Review Day 1 (putting all of chapter 1 together) (answer key for Big Giant Review Problem)
10/08   Review Day 2  (Here is a link for a heavy-on-the-transformation Practice Test and its solutions)
10/09   Chapter 1 Test

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Getting Started

After the pretest, we start by discussing Function Vocabulary. After a brief foray into chapter 10 for an explanation of limits, we continue looking at function details.

(The dates below are for the E-Block class. All the Wednesday dates are Thursdays for G-Block.)

9/02 Labor Day
9/03 Brain Awakening Problems (E-Block only)
9/04 Rosh Hashanah - no school
9/05 Pretest (based on summer work - I will be out)

9/09 Domain and Range (with some new notation)
        HW finish handout and read section 1.2
9/10 Extrema, Increasing/Decreasing, Odd/Even Symmetry CW p.97/79
        HW p.94-95/1-4, 9-19 odd, 25-33 odd, 47-53 odd
9/11 Limits: definition, notation, evaluation
        HW p.763-764/1-23 odd, 26, 31, 37, 49, 61, 71
9/12 Half Day C B A G
9/13 Asymptotes, Holes, and Continuity
        HW p.95-98/35, 37, 39, 55-61 odd, 67, 68, 81, 86

9/16 Twelve Basic Functions (section 1.3)
The twelve basic functions are the ones we will come back to over and over during the course of the year. Several of them are related to each other in a variety of ways. You need to be completely familiar with their graphs and properties. We start with an exploration.
        Exploration and CW; HW p.106-109/13-28, 45-55 odd, 64, 65, 68, 69
        (Hint: use a and b instead of x and y for problem 69 - it is easier to understand that way.)
9/17 Functions operations (section 1.4): addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and (perhaps most importantly) composition. The big issue is the change of the domain for the new function. Try the Exploration on page 112 (if we don't finish it in class - it is good for you to think about what composed functions can turn into). There is also the issue of non-function relations and the functions implied by their equations. Ask again if the explanation in class and homework doesn't clarify the issue for you.
         HW pp.116-118/5, 7, 12-42 by 3's, 51-55
9/18 More Problems on Composition
         HW finish worksheet
9/20 Function Descriptions and Combinations HW finish worksheet

9/23 Inverses   HW p.126-128/13-21 odd,23-26,29,31,33-36,45-47,50,51
9/24 Big Review Packet (Day 1) (Answer Key)
9/25 Big Review Packet (Day 2)
9/27 Test of Function description and manipulation