Friday, January 3, 2014

Right Triangle Trig and Sinusoids

Trigonometry is our longest unit spanning more than two months and three tests. We start in the Demana book but will move into our second book, the Brown book, as we progress.  We begin with Right Triangle Trig, mostly review from last year.

12/20  Right Triangle Trig Review
           no HW but if you struggled with today's activity, read section 4.2 in the Demana book

12/21 - 1/02 Christmas Break!

Circular functions (4.3) are a big part of understanding trigonometry conceptually. We will spend a few days making sure you understand.  Problems 67-76 on January 6th are the problems you should really push yourself to understand - don't just give up and wait for me to go over them.

01/03  Snow Day

01/06  4.3 Circular Functions
           HW Demana p.347-349/2,3,7,27-35 odd, 41-53 odd, 60-64, 67-76
01/07  More Practice CW Brown p.272/3-10,  13, 14 and worksheet
           HW Brown p.272-274/17-27 odd, 29-32, 33-41 odd
01/08  Finding all solutions with circular trig HW finish handout
01/09  Professional Developement - Half Day (B A G F)
01/10  Quiz of 4.1-4.3
           HW Graphing Trig Functions handout

1/13  4.4 Sinusoids
         HW Demana p.357-358/13-41 odd, 42, 49, 50, 53, 73, 75
1/14  CW p.360/91-97   HW p.357-359/51, 52, 54-57, 59-69 odd, 70-80 even
1/15  Trig Evaluation Practice and Extra Problems
         HW finish problems 1-12 of Extra Problems worksheet
1/17  Discuss Extra Problems Worksheet (and End of Term 2)
         HW finish Extra Problems worksheet (13-21)

1/20  Martin Luther King Day - no school
1/21  Solving with Sinusoids  CW problems 1-5 (answer key)
         HW problems 6 - 9
1/22  Continue Solving with Sinusoids
         HW finish rest of handout, problems 10 - 17
1/24  Quiz of 4.1-4.4  (I will be out taking a course - day 1)

1/27  4.5 Graphs of the other Trig functions and 4.7 Inverse Trig functions
         HW p.366-368/13-16,18-39 by 3's,43,60,63,64 and p.385/37-40
1/28  Extra Sinusoid and Inverse Trig Problems
         HW in Brown: p.290-291/11-14, 27-29, p.306-307/30,31,33,36, p.314-316/15,17,18,21,25,26
1/31  Test of Ch 4   (I will be out taking a course - day 2)
         HW Trig Area and Identity intro