Thursday, April 17, 2014


The study of matrices involves the most recent applications of mathematics that we study. While understanding the techniques required to manually manipulate the data, we will spend a lot of time using the calculator and the computer.  We will be moving through matrices quickly with a lot of applications.  It is chapter 7 in the Demana book and chapter 14 in the Brown book.

Here is the list of Skill Objectives.

4/28   Algebra 2 Review day
          HW B p.521-522/9,11-13,16;  p.526-528/5-11 odd, 12, 15, 16, 18
                  D p.540-542/33-39 odd, 43, 45, 48, 52
4/29   Matrix Multiplication, Augmented Matrices, etc.
          HW Extra Problems on Matrix Multiplication (link to online Row Operations site)
4/30   Applications of matrices to linear systems
          HW handout includes 6 problems and these Demana problems:
                  p.554/67-70, 73, 74, 76, 78, 79, and p.563/13, 15, 21
5/02   Transformations Day 1 HW p.1-4 of handout

5/05   Transformations Day 2 HW p.5-7 of handout  (AP Chem Exam in am)
5/06   Communication Matrices WW B p.540-542/3,5,7,9-13
5/07   Markov Chains (probability with matrices)
          HW finish handout plus Brown p.547-550/5, 9-11, 14-17
5/08   Half Day (C A G F)
5/09   3D Matrix Apps HW do all of handout (AP Stats at noon)

5/12   Determinants with vectors HW handout problems 1-7
5/13   MCAS (A G H B) Determinants in 3D HW handout problems 8-14
5/14   MCAS (C E F H D) Determinants in 3D HW handout problems 8-14  (AP US History Exam)
5/16   Determinant summary, Review HW (handout, answer key)

5/19   Matrix Test (Practice TestSolutions)

Finish (and understand) all packets by the 19th and you should be fine. Look over your Matrix Skills sheet to be sure.