Friday, June 6, 2014

Review and Final

We will review for four days before the special end-of-year schedule.  Make sure you look over the list of Proofs and Theorems you need to know.  The Final Exam Archive of the math department has a bunch of old finals (with answers!) for additional practice.  (Note: topics change a bit from year to year so don't freak out if there is a question on something we didn't cover.)  Also, all test corrections and grade mistakes must be taken care of by Friday, June 13th.

6/09  Review Day 1 (Basic Functions, Polynomials and Limits) [answer key]
6/10  Review Day 2 (Trigonometry)  [answer key]
6/11  Review Day 3 (6/12 for G-Block)  (Vector and Parametric Equations)  [answer key]
6/13  Review Day 4 (Conics, Polar, Exponential and Log)  [answer key]

6/16  Long Block Review: Practice with 2010 Final  [answer key]
6/18  Math Final Exam 8:30 - 10:30 am

         E-Block room:  167       G-Block room:  169 

         Remember to bring pencils, eraser, calculator (and maybe extra batteries?), a stomach full of
         healthy breakfast and a brain refreshed by a good night's sleep.  And your books.  These you
         will return after the test to our classroom in the math building.  I will be in room 816 from
         11:00 until 12:00 on Wednesday and Thursday.  Bring them by one of these two days.

6/23  Make-up final in the morning, all blocks for 25 minutes each
6/24  Come see me to get your grades