Friday, March 7, 2014

Polar Coordinates

This is a quick but interesting unit on another way of describing the location of points in space.  It is a somewhat surprising application of trig that can also be used to work with complex numbers.  The schedule is plagued by holidays and MCAS but we will work around it as best we can. Polar coordinates are covered in the Demana book in sections 6.4-6.6 and in the Brown book in Chapter 11.  I am using Day1 notation rather than dates because the E-Block and G-Block sections will be off (due to the half day and MCAS).

Day 1    Intro to Polar  CW Brown p.400-402/1-11 odd  (this is 3/07, before the Trig Identities Test)
            HW Demana p.492-493/5,6,23-30,52-54,61,63
Day 2    Converting equations and graphs (polar <=> rectangular)
            HW D p.500-502/5,7-13,17,21,23,45,49,53,55
Day 3    Cylindrical & Spherical Coordinates (helpful website)
            HW Worksheet and Answer Key (check your graphs on your calculator)
Day 3a  More practice with Cylindrical & Spherical Coordinates (only E-Block)
            HW Worksheet (answer key)

Day 4    cis, Products of Complex Numbers
            HW B p.406-407/11, 12, 15-17, 23, 24, 29, 30, 32 and D p.512/63 (derive Quotient Rule)
Day 5    Powers and Roots of Complex Numbers (De Moivre's Theorem)
B p.410-411/4,5,9-14 and p.413/5,6,8,11-13
Day 6    Extra Practice 
            HW finish worksheet (answer key)

3/24     Review (answer key)
3/25     Polar Test (Practice Test, Answer Key)

Important Dates
3/13  Professional Development Half-Day C B H F
3/18  MCAS Day 1 (Hr G H A)
3/19  MCAS Day 2 (E F H D)
3/21  MCAS Day 3 (D E F B C)
3/28  End of Term 3

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