Sunday, February 2, 2014

Geometric Trig

Post-test homework was to do the area and identity worksheet. We continue with the more geometric applications of trigonometry. For this unit we will use primarily the Brown book.

2/03  9.2  Area Formula and applications
                HW p.342-344/1-19 odd, 20-22, 35, 36
                (p.344/34 is a bonus problem - turn it in for extra credit)
2/04  9.3  Law of Sines
                HW p.347-349/1-27 odd
2/05  9.4  Law of Cosines (Snow Day, E-Block read Brown p.350-352, give the HW a try)
                HW p.352-354/1-17 odd, 22
2/07  9.1 - 9.4  Mixed Trig Problems  (I will be out taking a course - day 3, last day)
                HW p.337/31-33, 37;  p.349/28;  p.354/23 and p.356-358/11,14,18,21,24,25

2/10  9.4  Mixed Trig Problems
                HW p.357-358/29-37
2/11  9.4  Mixed Trig Problems
                HW p.358/38, 39, 40, 42
2/12  Review and Extension Problems (Worksheet and answer key) (Practice Test and Answer Key)
2/13  Half-Day due to snow, no G-Block, see links to extension worksheet above
2/14  Test of Geometric Trig

The Geometric Trig test will have questions that require a full understanding of the trig area formula, the Law of Sines, and the Law of Cosines. There will be two problems (chosen by me) from the "C" problems on page 358 (not 41 or 43). I have not assigned every problem in the unit but notice that after you finish these problems you should be able to find the area, the sides, the angles, the length of the median/angle bisector/altitude, and the radii of the inscribed and circumscribed circles for any triangle - among other things.

2/15-2/23  February Break

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